Gay Baby Princess
Gay Baby Princess

In case you were wondering, I make porn. To contact me about commissions or to just talk about our feelings, add me on skype (it’s CakeShades)

I'm now available for commissioning. Hit me up on skype, or PM me here, tell me what you want, and we'll work something out (My prices for a full pic range from 20-50 dollars)

Also, I've added a donate button because atm, it's become difficult to pay for my medication (which costs more than 100$ a month). If you'd like to help a Boggle out then feel free to donate, even the littlest of donations helps out a bunch! Thank you all! <333

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I know this will mess things up tonight
But god it feels so good to close my eyes
I’ll say that I’ve been trying to move on
We both know I’m not

mayhemney Asked:
Draw an owl please

My answer:

Not sure if sleeping is going to happen any time soon

Ryuko doodle from stream. Sleepy time for Boggle, maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow.

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Meh, back to depressed doodling I guess

You don’t wanna wake up, do you?

If you haven’t already seen Under the Skin yet, I’d highly recommend it. Especially if you’re into extremely weird horror/sci-fi movies. The soundtrack was fucking great and how they pulled the filming off was really neat. Scarlette Johansson was great in it and I’ve been wanting to do an art piece of her for a while now ever since I watched it.


I can’t feel your bones but I can see them. And I can’t call you up without a reason. I can take a thousand miles and I can drive for hours to your house in the summer but I can stay longer if you wanted me too.



Yea so apparently tumblr has not taken too kindly of certain drawings lately and decided to terminate my account, but I’m back now.Now I’m definitely gonna keep posting the same stuff, I’ll just have to find a new way to post…some of it… So yeah, I’ll be uploading some old stuff in the next few days

So if people would be willing to reblog to help me get my old followers back that’d be much appreciated, and thanks to anyone who decided to follow again!

One more digimon video I promise I’m done 

Anonymous Asked:
The fact that you recognize how great the Digimon movie and it's soundtrack is makes you x1000 more awesome than I thought you were before. You're so fucking cool :D

My answer:

I swear to god it was probably my favorite thing as a kid. I watched that movie probably 50 times and it pretty much defines my taste in animation. Like god, the way they animated the action scenes is SO FUCKING GOOD. Not to mention the sound effects used for it make it have a bigger impact. The fucking spinning sound effect almost every digimon movie/season/series uses is my favorite thing of anything, and they always have variations of that one fucking sound effect so it doesn’t get old I LOVE IT SO MUCH ITS SO HYPE